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Premium HDR Photography

Overnight, 24, or 48 hour delivery

High-dynamic-range photography (HDR) is a process of taking multiple photos of the same scene with different exposure values. These photos are then combined (fused) in an editing process resulting in an image with greater detail in the highlights and shadows - mimicking the human eye's perception of that scene.

Our HDR photography is a thing of beauty. This product is handcrafted frame by frame - every time. Perfect for showing off “that view” and textural details simultaneously. Always at a flat rate price - no matter the property size.

Here's what happens behind closed doors with almost all real estate marketing companies when you order their HDR photography: The photographer puts their camera in "auto mode" and indiscriminately shoots. That footage gets fused together by software - typically off-shore - without a single adjustment. The resulting images get a filter tossed on top, and voilà, you receive a bunch of photos that look like a regretful cartoon rendition of your listing.

Here's what happens when you order our HDR package: Our photographer manually adjusts the camera to perfectly capture each scene by using experience, skill, and artistic intuition. In the editing process, each exposure gets edited by hand - right here in-house, in the United States - before getting fused together into a single HDR image. That HDR image then receives another iteration of manual retouching to reach its perfect potential. *This meticulous process is carried out as a standard practice for every single exposure in the shoot. The end result is striking photos that pop off the page to emotionally connect with potential buyers.

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